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Couples come to us struggling with aspects of their relationships which they feel unable to alter or change however hard they may try. Working with an experienced counsellor can help them understand the difficulties they are experiencing.  By thinking about the issues and approaching them differently, they can begin to make positive changes to the way they interact and communicate.


We provide a safe place and an impartial professional to enable couples and individuals to explore their actions and feelings in a non-judgmental environment.


Couple therapy is a powerful and dynamic experience. Our therapists have had specific couple training

from the Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships and have gone on to add to their training in many different ways.


The result is that Reframe offers a highly skilled and unique type of couple therapy. We combine many models and approaches and create an individual approach to every couple issue.


This can be used to:

...Taking time to listen

Enhance and improve the current couple:

Aid and help negotiate separations, breakdowns and divorce:

Assist in the diagnosis and treatment of sexual difficulties and fertility issues:

Research consistently shows that if communication between the couple improves there are significant emotional, psychological and physical improvements in the individuals and their families.

If calm communication can be achieved over the separation then everyone involved in the breakdown has a less stressful and damaging experience. This leads to an easier return to the reality of life afterwards.Reframe has links with specialist divorce, mediation and collaborative lawyers. We can aid and assist in the process.

We believe we offer a unique and comprehensive form of couple therapy that we are constantly looking to expand and improve on.

Couple Counselling