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Reframe Counselling Services

We can create a bespoke programme of therapy for your situation.

Couples Counselling

Couples counselling is for those looking to improve their relationship.

It may be that your relationship is in crisis, or just that you are trying to maintain a healthy bond with your partner.

Whatever your situation and the particular concerns of your relationship, we can help.

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Individual Counselling

Therapy can help you to understand factors in your life which may contribute to your current difficulties.  Therapy sessions also provide a chance for you to identify and explore feelings which arise from certain situations, often recurring, and learn how to manage them.   

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Fertility Issues Counselling

A fertility problem can trigger shock, anger, frustration, anxiety and crisis.

Life is too often lived in rollercoaster cycles of hoping and planning, trying and failing…

We recognise there are few other medical conditions which can impact just about every relationship in life: with partner and sex life, with fertile family members, friends and colleagues, with work and ambition, with belief in God/religion and with our sense of self and our future in the world.

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Sex and Intimacy Counselling

Many people experience a degree of sexual difficulty at some stage in their lives.

In safe, comfortable surroundings, our therapists make it as easy as possible to discuss your issues.

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