Couples Counselling

Mayfair and Online

If you are struggling with aspects of your relationship we can help. 

Specialist therapy for couples

All our therapists are qualified, experienced professionals so you are in safe hands.

Our counsellors will welcome you and take the time to understand your situation.

We’ll help you to understand why your  relationship is in distress – why you may feel that you can no longer connect with your partner.

Tailored to your situation

Our Psychotherapists work with you in complete confidence using a range of methods to suit you.

We realise that every relationship is different, so you’ll need bespoke solutions to help you make improvements to your relationship.

Communication Strategies

Research consistently shows that if communication between couples improves, it will lead to significant emotional, psychological and physical improvements in the individuals and their families.

You’ll learn strategies to change the way you interact and communicate with each other.


Who is Couples Counselling for? 

Couples Counselling is for those looking to improve relationships.

It may be that your relationship is in crisis, or just that you are trying to maintain a healthy bond with your partner.

Whatever your situation and the particular concerns of your relationship, we can help.

What to expect

In your sessions we’ll help you to understand the underlying dynamics in your relationship. You’ll make links to patterns of behaviour that may have come from each partner’s family in which they grew up. We’ll work on how you communicate with each other.

The team at Reframe are specifically trained in Couples Counselling. They will use the most appropriate therapy for your situation. This may include Psychodynamic Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Why choose Reframe?

Our professionalism combined with skilled and accredited staff provides a unique type of couples therapy.

We take into account your needs as a couple and individuals. We work hard to create a bespoke approach for every couple.

Reframe has links to other health professionals including specialist divorce, mediation and collaborative lawyers and is available to assist in the process of a referral.