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Yes, we work with the whole spectrum of sexual difficulties such as loss of desire, sexual incompatibility, arousal disorder, retarded or premature ejaculation and vaginismus.

What is an initial consultation or preliminary session?

How long will I have to wait?

How much is ongoing therapy and will I have to wait?

It is a 50-minute meeting with a counsellor to discuss your current situation and reasons for seeking help.

The counsellor and you will then decide if therapy could be of use. In the event of you both deciding that it is not an appropriate option, we can then recommend a service or person that may be of help.

At Reframe we guarantee an assessment within 48 hours.

You will begin ongoing therapy within seven days. Cost will be agreed with your counsellor at the initial session and range between £80 and £165.

How long is a session?

How can I pay?

Do I see the same counsellor every week?

The sessions are 50 minutes long unless agreed otherwise.

Cash or bank transfer.

Yes, ongoing counselling will always be with the same counsellor.

Do I see the counsellor at the same time each week?

How many times a week do I see my counsellor?

This is a matter for you and your counsellor to agree. At Reframe we understand the need for flexibility and empathy.

The standard approach is once a week but there may be times when more or less is required. Again this is a private matter for you and your counsellor to decide.

How many sessions will I need?

This is a decision for you, the client. We encourage our clients to attend a minimum of six sessions to gain real benefit but at times fewer sessions, focused on a specific issue, can be helpful. When you consider ending the therapy, have a discussion with your counsellor.

What happens if I stop the process but want to restart?

This is no problem. Call Reframe and your counsellor will get in touch with you. You can then arrange a meeting to decide how to proceed.

What happens if I cannot make my appointment?

We encourage regular attendance but we also understand the commercial and social pressures that our clients may be under. However 24-hour notice is required in order not to incur the full cost of the session. A telephone call, a message left with our answer service, or an email will be enough for cancellations.

How do I know that the service is confidential?

Reframe is an entirely independent and privately operated company. We have no allegiances to any commercial entities. Our therapists are bound by the ethics of UKCP, BACP and COSRT.

Can you help individuals or couples with sexual difficulties?

Do I have to attend with my partner?

Although we recommend couples to work together on a couple issue we also understand that there are times when partners may benefit more from individual counselling.

How does therapy contribute to one's quality of life?

Being able to cope with life's difficulties is a necessary and valuable ability. Rather than dismantling this ability, therapy enhances it by foreseeing hidden but existing difficulties and creating new ways of dealing with them.

It reduces the energy and concentration that is dedicated to keep some issues at bay, managing them in a more conscious and systematic way with the help and support of a therapist.

Frequently Asked Questions