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Individuals seek help to deal with a wide range of issues, whether it be depression, anxiety, loss of confidence, difficulty in finding and maintaining a relationship, or the wish to improve an existing relationship.


Counselling offers individual clients the opportunity to explore concerns with an experienced therapist, to arrive at an understanding of the factors both past and present which contribute to their current difficulties. Understanding is the key to making the necessary shifts to achieve wished-for change which, in turn, can lead to clients exploring new horizons or reshaping their current circumstances.


The variety of concerns which individual clients bring to us are often preventing them from moving on with their lives. Among these can be emotional, psychological and physical issues which singly, or in combination, prevent the client from living his or her life to the full. These include:


    • Loss of Confidence

    • Depression

    • Anger

    • Anxiety

    • Difficulty with communication

    • Work pressures

    • Work-life balance

    • Commitment Avoidance

    • Affairs

    • Separation and Divorce

    • Sexual Difficulties

    • Bereavement and Loss

    • Fertility issues

    • Illness and Disability


Reframe offers a variety of approaches to individual therapy. Psychodynamic, integrative and analytical theories are combined with cognitive behavioural techniques.

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Individual Counselling