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Sex and intimacy are an important part of life. A satisfactory sexual relationship can promote self-confidence and feelings of wellbeing. It is often overlooked as an important contributor to general health.


Many people experience a degree of sexual difficulty at some stage in their lives. In a number of cases, embarrassment and shame may prevent individuals or couples from seeking much-needed help.


Problems can be many and varied:


    • Loss of desire for partner or sex

    • Low sexual satisfaction

    • Erectile problems

    • Premature or delayed ejaculation

    • Sexual addiction

    • Dyspareunia (pain during intercourse)

    • Vaginismus

    • Orgasmic difficulties

    • Addiction to Internet pornography


The problem can be the symptom or the cause of a relationship in trouble, or can relate to a behaviour which is causing distress, for example an addiction. Issues affecting enjoyment of sexuality may include general anxiety, work stress, child birth, conflict, performance anxiety, health problems, menopause, ageing and poor body image.


Reframe has a team of highly-trained psychosexual therapists who can help with tried and tested techniques and behavioral programmes to get to the root of the specific problem. Our therapists can work either individually to deal with a specific sexual problem, or with a couple trying to regain physical intimacy.

The aim of any treatment programme is to improve the quality of sexual experience.


We also have a specialist unit for the referral of clients who are affected in any way by HIV or its diagnosis.


A member of our team dealing with issues relating to HIV is able to offer psychotherapy, in strictest confidence, to those with HIV and/or their relatives, loved ones or friends. Fear of being met with stigma

or a judgmental response from others can lead to isolation, confusion, depression or low self-esteem.

Our areas of specialist interest and expertise include:


    • Disclosure

    • Fears and insecurities of the newly-diagnosed

    • Compliance problems with medication

    • Difficulties arising for positive-negative couples

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Sexual Health